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HASNIZA (Kelantan)

Good morning Miss Mile

Thank you for everything related to the purchase of the FENTON sofa. I am very satisfied with this Fenton sofa...it fits my taste and is very elegant.😘😘😘


Akhirnya sampai jgk dining table kita...mula2 ragu2 sbb x tgk depan mata material mcm mn...color mcm mn..tp so far bila dh sampai mmg cantik...yg penting service dr Carrier Home mmg terbaik...dr mula2 wsp nk order sampai barang dh terima. tq tq tq..


Highly recommended...
Delivery very careful and nicely place...
Sure Intro my family member buy furniture from great seller Carrier Home


All praise is due to Allah... dreams come true.. Thank you syg Nizam Man always support me.. Never calculated with his wife who always asks.. May Allah bless this provision, Allah make it easier...He's also excited to get up when the sofa arrives... he's also excited to buy decorative lamps.. Our home, our happiness.. Kids don't ask, it's fun no matter what.. ,Izah buys it at Carrier Home whoever's interested can check FB